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HubSpot Launches New Podcast Show with Alexis Gay & Brianne Kimmel to Help Business Leaders Scale Their Companies

Published on August 3, 2021

HubSpot, the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform for scaling companies, today announced that it is partnering with Comedian Alexis Gay and Venture Capitalist Brianne Kimmel to launch a new co-hosted business podcast called, The Shake Up.

The Shake Up will be part of the HubSpot Podcast Network, a new audio destination for business professionals seeking the best education and inspiration for how to grow their business. The HubSpot Podcast Network now includes ten unique podcasts with the addition of three new shows to its library - iDigress, Duct Tape Marketing, Success Story and Goal Digger

New episodes of The Shake Up will be published on Tuesday mornings beginning on August 3, 2021, with additional videos and events hosted throughout the season. Matthew Brown, senior podcast producer at HubSpot, will lead production of The Shake Up. Brown also produced HubSpot's award-winning Growth Show podcast. The Shake Up offers business leaders unfiltered insights into companies that dare to be different. Podcast episodes will feature interviews with executives from disruptive companies about their investments and go-to market strategies. Leaders will share details about the decisions they made that led to the company's growth.

"HubSpot is committed to building a next generation media offering that can help scaling companies grow,” said Kieran Flanagan, SVP of Marketing at HubSpot. “We believe to do this, we need to become a consistent source of education and inspiration for business builders. The announcement of our new flagship show, The Shake Up, follows other investments we’ve made this year, like our acquisition of The Hustle and our newly formed HubSpot Podcast Network.”

Gay is a comedian and podcaster who previously led Creator Partnerships at Patreon - a classic worked-in-tech-for-seven-years-and-then-became-a-comedian career path. She hosts the successful Non-Technical podcast. Her online audience continues to grow, exceeding 3 million followers across Twitter, Clubhouse, and YouTube.

Kimmel is the Founder of Worklife Ventures, which is backed by the founders of Cameo, Spotify, Twitch, Zoom and more. Advisors include Arianna Huffington, Michael Ovitz, Sophia Amoruso, Eric Yuan and others. Her online audience continues to expand, exceeding 200 thousand followers across Twitter and Clubhouse.

“It’s a balance producing a business-focused podcast that breaks away from the mold and keeps listeners entertained while still providing tangible, valuable education” said Alexis Gay, comedian and podcast host of The Shake Up.

“That’s why this partnership with HubSpot is so exciting. Brianne and I are able to take what we’ve learned from our own experience and pair that with truly perspective-shifting insights from world-class guests. I love that I learn something in every interview, and it’s been so fun to create episodes listeners will find accessible and enjoyable which will also help them address their next business challenge—big or small.”

“The Shake Up gets up close and uncomfortable with the founders of iconic companies. It’s not your typical founding story podcast, we ask difficult questions to understand exactly how critical decisions were made,” said Brianne Kimmel, Founder of Worklife Ventures and host of The Shake Up.

“We’ve designed the show around a powerful combination of highly entertaining and shockingly honest interviews and actionable insights based on hours of research and our personal experiences building and scaling tech companies.”

The Shake Up becomes the latest show to educate and inspire business professionals. Follow The Shake Up now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and everywhere else you listen to podcasts.