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HubSpot and WP Engine Partner to Provide Powerful Free Marketing Tools to WordPress Users

Published on July 10, 2019

HubSpot and WP Engine, the WordPress Digital Experience Platform, today announced that the newly updated HubSpot plugin for WordPress will be integrated with all of WP Engine’s StudioPress themes. When used together, these two platforms have the potential to unleash more value for users and a better experience for customers.

With the launch of this partnership, users can now leverage HubSpot’s powerful free CRM and top-rated marketing software without ever leaving WordPress, making it easier than ever to quickly and easily generate demand and connect with prospects in real-time.

“Pairing a powerful CMS with an equally powerful CRM is an essential catalyst for a growing business,” said Brian Halligan, CEO and co-founder of HubSpot. ”We think these two platforms can make 1+1=3. With integrated data and the right tools, you can do more than just store information — you can start more personalized conversations with prospects, understand and then tailor your site to be what visitors are looking for, and create an overall improved customer experience. WordPress powers 34% of all websites. By leveraging WP Engine and HubSpot together, those site owners can turn their websites into growth engines for their businesses."

Together These Two Platforms Unleash More Value for Users and a Better Experience for Customers

For those that choose to grow their business on WordPress, using this plugin means fewer tools to manage, fewer code conflicts, and a centralized source of customer and prospect data — including contact details and interaction history.

The plugin, which was initially launched in 2015, has been updated with powerful new features that allow users to uplevel their marketing and sales approach. These include:

  • Forms and pop-up forms for better lead capturing on websites.
  • Live chat to interact with website visitors in real time and bots to provide an automated response after-hours.
  • Automatic syncs with HubSpot CRM that provide the full context across all forms, pop-up forms, and live chat interactions.
  • Simple email automation to quickly engage with leads after each form submission.
  • Ability to enable visitor tracking and lead intelligence for insight into which pages contacts view on websites for better personalization.

“The partnership between HubSpot and WP Engine will create powerful new opportunities for brands to build more engaging digital experiences on WordPress,” said Heather Brunner, chairwoman and CEO at WP Engine. “When you pair the WP Engine digital experience platform, the agility of WordPress, and HubSpot’s easy-to-use and top-rated marketing and sales tools, organizations will be far better positioned for growth by delivering highly contextualized experiences across the entire digital experience lifecycle.”

Andrew Lindsay, VP of Corporate and Business Development at HubSpot, will be speaking at the WP Engine Summit in Austin, Texas on Tuesday, June 25th at 4:45 PM. His session is about how to develop an integrated customer growth cycle. More details about his session can be found here.

More information about the HubSpot WordPress plugin can be found here.